Drivers without any record of traffic violations are qualified to apply for license renewal that’s valid for 10 years.

As tweeted by Senator Grace Poe, October 28 is the official start of the implementation of Republic Act No. 10930, otherwise known as An Act Rationalizing and Strengthening the Policy Regarding Driver’s License by Extending the Validity Period of Drivers’ Licenses.

This piece of legislation amends the Land Transportation and Traffic Code to extend the validity period of a renewed driver’s license to ten years, which is twice the length of the previous validity period.

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But despite qualifying for a 10-year license, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) is reminding the public that those who would like to apply must complete the requirements of the Comprehensive Driver’s Education seminar first.

RA 10930 is being implemented first at the Central Office-Licensing Section and the Quezon City Licensing Center. Other licensing centers in the country will implement RA 10930 soon after.

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