The Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTCB) is proposing that they should regulate the content shown on online streaming platforms like Netflix.

Legal affairs chief Jonathan Presquito of the MTRCB said in a senate hearing for the proposed Internet Transactions Act that the MTRCB law defines motion pictures as a series of images projected on any screen, whether it has color or not, or silent or not.

The board requires the registration of companies and entities that produce movies or TV shows to ensure that their material is age-appropriate, doesn’t contain prohibited content and that the video distributor is authorized.

Presquito highlighted that there is a necessity for the MTRCB to regulate, especially since a lot of people relied on streaming services like Netflix and iFlix to “maintain their sanity” during the previous lockdown.


Presquito also said that the distribution of motion pictures that are not rated by the board is considered illegal under the MTRCB law. He added that no material should be distributed or sold in the Philippines without going through the MTRCB.

The main author of the bill, Sen. Sherwin Gatchalian, said that it only covers the buying and selling of video-on-demand content and that a separate measure will have to be created to cover the issue of rating motion pictures and the regulation of streaming platforms.

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Moreover, Presquito mentioned the need of balancing regulations while giving streaming services a chance to grow. He cited South Korea as an example, where all content shown on Netflix have to go through a prior review.

Via: CNN Philippines

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