These days may not be a good time to frolic outdoors. There’s the pandemic already forcing us to stay at home, but the extreme summer heat poses new risks too. 

According to PAGASA, Metro Manila’s air temperature reached 37.3 degree Celsius on Wednesday with a heat index of 42 degrees Celsius. It’s the metro’s hottest day of the year to date, and the weather bureau expects such temperature to last all over May or at least until the rainy season begins.

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Weather experts are advising everyone not to go outside and perform physical activities unless it’s necessary, since the sweltering heat can lead to health conditions such as heat exhaustion, heat cramps and heat stroke. Direct exposure to sunlight is most dangerous beginning 10AM up to 3PM.

But it’s not just Manila, the whole country is feeling the heat. In Butuan City, Agusan Del Norte, relative humidity is 69% while heat index is 53 degree Celsius by 2PM.


If you must go outside, wear a hat or bring an umbrella. It’s best to keep yourself hydrated as well.

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