Apple has a way of allowing users of its system to always stay current on its platform by pushing updates to latest iOS versions and then placing restrictions on our ability to roll back these updates and go back to our good old iOS version.

Tech geeks are quick to find a way around these restrictions, thus giving birth to the jailbreak community. Jailbreaking literally breaks the restrictions on the software that Apple placed to prevent older iOS versions from running. To successfully roll back the latest iOS version, users need an SHSH blobs. An SHSH blob is a local term for digital signature, which is basically what Apple uses to verify the version of iOS you are running. SHSH blobs allows users to get their device running on older iOS software versions.

For one reason or another, SHSH blobs can go missing, so it’s important to have them saved to a secure place. Jailbreakers can check if their saved version of SHSH blobs are valid using 1Conan’s online alternative dubbed TSS Saver.

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Step by step tutorial on how to confirm valid SHSH2 blob using TSS saver

Here’s a short guide on how to check if your saved SHSH blob is valid.

Step 1: Open this link in your browser:

Step 2: Hit the Choose File / Open File button and select your blob.

Step 3: Select your device’s type and model under Identifier, then select the blob’s iOS Version. Note that for iOS 10.1.1, you will have to enter the blob’s Build ID.

Step 4: Verify the reCAPTCHA and hit Submit.

Step 5: Check if your Board Configuration is correct and the rosi tag is true. If so, your blobs are valid.

Now wasn’t that nice and easy? Here’s to hoping your blobs are fine – nobody likes to be without their jailbreak! Let us know if this worked for you in the comments section below.

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