I was doing my usual stuff surfing around the net when I suddenly found out that watching TV online on your iDevice is possible. What? How could it be possible when iOS doesn’t support flash? That is my initial reaction. Then, it strucked my mind. I almost forgot the new HTML 5 technology that will help suffice the streaming and flash needs of both iOS, and Windows Phone. Since Adobe already dropped their support on Android, it will soon be added in the list.

How to watch TV online? It’s very easy to do. You just have to go to a website called iOSLiveTV. From there, you can watch live TV channels from different countries like United States, Russia, Italy, United Kingdom, and France. Moreover, you are advised to use a Wi-Fi or 3G for optimal viewing goodness.This brings another good news and good start to the development of iOS community but there is bad .

Maybe you’re thinking why I didn’t opt to introduce the app version of the website instead? Sadly, there is no such thing.As we all know, Apple is rigorously implementing its strict policy so having that kind of app that may create copyright infringement issues will have a hard time digging into Apple’s tight hole. As a matter of fact, it will not even get a chance to get through. Anyway, going to the site is not a dreadful task at all. I can already confirm that it is working because I already asked a friend to try it out. Happy watching!

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