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Spotify may have gained worldwide popularity as an app dedicated to giving users their much-needed music experience. But even with its beloved existence, Spotify is not one to do just fan service. Other times, it also exerts its autonomy, too, such as decisively removing features which most users had fallen used to, even to a point of an outcry.

Perhaps, of all these features, none is more concerning to users than the removal of the lyrics appearing on-screen which is perhaps an essential element in knowing a song, particularly to new users.

In its place, Spotify instead offered an underwhelming feature which highlights only the “key lyrics” along with the backdrop behind its creation. The problem is even compounded by the fact that the introduced feature is only available in English and is not accessible on all songs at the moment.

Lyrics of the song playing on Spotify — NoypiGeeks

But while Spotify may have denied its users the wanted feature, there is actually a workaround for this problem. However, it entails using a third-party software to fill the gap—QuickLyric app.

The only caveat to this problem, however, is that you must be an Android user to benefit from it. (Sorry iOS users).

Spotify quicklyric app

Installing QuickLyric to get Spotify song lyrics

QuickLyric is an official application that can be found hosted at Google Play Store. Intuitively, the first logical step in claiming its benefit with your daily Spotify experience is to download it from there.

Once installed, it is time to integrate it with Spotify itself as two complementary applications. Do so by doing the following:

Step 1: Run the Spotify app installed on your device.

Step 2: Navigate to the Settings menu.

Spotify quicklyric app

Step 3: Scroll down a bit until you encountered an option which says “Device Broadcast Status.”


Step 4: Toggle that option to “on.”

To kickstart the lyrics running on your song, it would take both Spotify and QuickLyric running juxtapose with one another. Yes, this might imply increased battery usage, albeit minimal by nature.


Check if it’s working by playing a song using the Spotify app and then go back to the QuickLyric app.

Voila! That should make lyrics appear on every song Spotify plays. Just do not forget to hit “refresh” after every song to jumpstart the appropriate lyrics.

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