You’ve had your Realme Buds Air for a while and having a really good time with it.

But in case you forgot, this pair of TWS is a smart device. Unlike your regular pair of earphones, the Realme Buds Air has tons of software features to make it work the way it is — although you might not see it visually.

And just like most smart devices, it’s subject to software updates to ensure that it’s in tip-top condition every time you use it. In fact, upgrades are important on this device since it just launched a couple of months ago, and Realme is still ironing out some things about it.

This is why, today, we’ll be teaching you how to update your Realme Buds Air to ensure that you’re using it the way Realme wanted you to.


Realme Buds Air software upgrade

Step 1: Download the Realme Link app on Google Play store


The Realme Buds Air works really well on iOS devices. However, the Realme Link app is only available in Google Play Store for Android — at least as of writing. For reference, the smartphone we’re using is the OPPO Reno 3 Pro.

Search it and download it. The app has a size of only 14MB and also serves as a companion app to other Realme smart wearables like the Realme Band.

Step 2: Setup the app


Once it finishes downloading, open the Realme Link app. Tap when you want the Realme Link to access your device’s location. Since we’ll only be using it for the Realme Buds Air, you can tap ‘Deny’.


You then have to choose which region you are from. For this tutorial, we’re choosing the Philippines.

The Realme Link supported regions include India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Malaysia, Chinese mainland, Myanmar, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand.


Realme Link will ask permission to access your files and media — you can tap Deny on this one as well if you don’t need it.

Step 3: Sign in or Create a Realme Link account


You would then land directly to the home screen. To sign in, go to the Account section or tap the “Add your device..” on the home screen. You will be directed to the page below.


Signing in is very easy. Just key in your phone number, wait for the verification code via SMS, and type it in.

Step 4: Pair your Realme Buds Air

The Realme Link app should detect your Realme Buds Air immediately if you’ve paired it already.


But if you haven’t already just follow these easy Realme Buds Air pairing process: Open the case > Press and hold the pairing button in the middle until it flashes green > look it up on your phone’s Bluetooth settings > connect it and you’re good.

Step 5: Start the update

You can open your Realme Buds Air within the app. There’s a Firmware Update section on the bottom that you can tap to see if an update is available.


But if this is the first time you’d be updating the Realme Buds Air, chances are, a lot of updates have already gone by. Which is why the app will automatically pop-up a notification prompting you to update.


As of writing, the version we got is the Realme Buds Air update that improves touch control experience and signal stability.

The Realme Link app didn’t show the update size. But considering how straightforward and simple the device, and how fast it downloaded (around 2mins under a ~500kbps of internet speed) it might be only under 30MB to 20MB.


Just make sure that the Realme Buds Air is in close range and have at least 30% of battery charge.

And that’s it! Once the update status turns to 100%, your Realme Buds Air is good to go.

Thanks to Realme’s great after-sales support, we expect to get great mileage out of this. Software updates are just one of the great things about these pair of TWS earphones. To learn more about it, you can check out our Realme Buds Air review.

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  1. I am facing disconnection I’m realme buss q.
    I check in another phone also plz give a solution for this …

      1. Issue is in realme buds wireless pro battery Percentage issue 100%to40% no problems in issue not showing is 30% not showing is 20% ti is showing me Direct 10% Percentage, This is problem Fix this issue give me update , Please

  2. I am not getting update it showing
    When I click it
    It showing. Firmware up to date