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Realme Band: Colored screen, 10-day battery, built-in USB charging


The wearable market is currently on an all-time high, and Realme wants to be part of the action with their very first smart wearable, the Realme Band.

The momentum was generated by attainable smart bands such as the Xiaomi Band 4. So to capture people’s attention, the Realme Band is outshining the competition with its impressive features.


It starts with the large 0.96-inch display that can project 65,000 different colors. This allows for different looks in a variety of Dial Faces.

This thing is not a touchscreen panel, so you have to use the button below to display to navigate on the interface.


Another interesting feature is the built-in USB charging. You just have to remove the strap and plug it directly to a wall adapter. So you cant lose a charger and have a hard time searching for it when you need it.

You can also notice its minimalist design, almost identical to what Fitbit offers. It’s available in Black, Green, and Reamle’s signature Yellow colorway.


The rest of the features are pretty standard for a smart band. The Realme Band has a heart-rate sensor with real-time monitoring. Plus, a 3-axis accelerometer that tracks your movements.

These sensors allow the device to track your workouts, sleep quality, and alert you if you’ve been sitting for too long.


It also has a ‘Lift Wrist to Wake Up’, and a more detailed notification preview thanks to its large and colored display.

The Realme Band connects to your Android device via Bluetooth 4.2. However, the Realme Link companion app is not present on the Apple App Store, so it’s only compatible with Android 5.0+ devices — at least as of writing.


Those who are in India can get the Realme Band for only INR1,499 (~Php1,000). Its release details here in the Philippines is yet to be announced. Although we suspect it will arrive alongside the new Realme 6 and 6 Pro.

Realme Band Specs

  • Android 5.0+
  • 0.96-inch colored display, 160 x 80 pixel resolution, ~186ppi
  • Built-in USB charging (by removing wrist strap)
  • IP68 water resistance
  • 3-axis accelometer
  • Heart-rate sensor
  • Rotor vibration motor
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Realme Link APP
  • Dimensions: 240 x 19.6 x 11.9mm
  • Weight: 120g
  • Colors: Black, Green, Yellow
  • 90mAh battery, up to 10 days

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