Apple has released an update on its guidelines for the App Store. Unfortunately, they are now giving the developers the option to push notification advertisements to users.

The good thing about it is that the developers will only be able to push notification ads if there’s an option for the user to opt out. Otherwise, they will not be able to take advantage of the new feature.

Moreover, new apps built and uploaded to the App Store should use the iOS 13 SDK beginning April 30, 2020. The reason behind this is to let developers incorporate new iOS 13-only features like Core ML3, Dark Mode, ARKit 3, and more. They should also be compatible to the newest iPhone 11 smartphones and iPads.


After the deadline in April, apps that have Google and Facebook logins should also offer an Apple ID sign-in option as well. Developers can use this feature using Apple’s new API.

In addition, Apple will be stricter with regards to fortune telling and dating kind of apps. If they don’t offer a unique and high-quality experience, they may get removed in the App Store.

You can check out the new App Store guidelines here.

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