It’s true that the coronavirus (COVID-19) has been spreading fear and panic nationwide. This means that people would want to be updated on the happenings around them in a safe distance. Coronavirus maps are one way to track down this pandemic, however, hackers have also found their way to take advantage of the scenario.

It seems like these cybercriminals have found a way to garner personal information by deploying malwares into computers. This is done with ease and without notice through these dashboards which organizations came up with to monitor the virus spread.

According to Shai Alfasi, a security researcher at Reason Labs, the hackers ‘invaded’ for the purpose of stealing user information such as usernames, passwords, credit card details, and other personal information you might have input on various websites.

Alfasi further notes that the malicious software in effect is known as the AZORult. It first made its appearance in the year 2016. The AZORult is most commonly sold via Russian underground forums which serves an intention of gathering data from an already-infected computer. It fits the description of what these hackers seem to aim for.


Now, what these cybercriminals do are to create a website which has a relation to the coronavirus frenzy. This will convince users to download an application to ensure that they are well informed. However, this application does not require installation. While it functions normally as a tracking map for infected areas, the attackers are now letting in a malicious binary file in the user’s computer without user knowledge.

Take heed that a new variant of AZORult now comes with a secret admin account which settles itself in your computer to propagate its nasty business.

So far, it was reported that the malware only affects Windows system. However, users who have different systems should take precautionary method as cybercriminals may also spread unexpectedly like the coronavirus itself.

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