With better affordability and availability of fixed, broadband subscriptions, Converge ICT doesn’t see the need to offer mobile solutions anytime soon.

During an online press briefing, Converge ICT CEO Dennis Anthony Uy cites the company’s strong growth for the first half of 2021, with a net income of Php3.2 billion that’s equivalent to a 158-percent year-on-year growth, as proof of high demand for fixed broadband connectivity.

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With the current limited mobility of people caused by the pandemic, Uy predicts more Filipinos will prefer fixed broadband instead of mobile. In terms of communication, he expects subscribers will take advantage of messaging apps instead of using voice services from cellular carriers.

Converge ICT initially had plans to become the country’s third telco but later backed out, claiming an unlevel playing field.

As of June 2021, Converge ICT has serviced 8.3 million homes. Their enterprise customer base has risen to 17,539 from the 10,498 customers it had in June 2020.

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