Poly Network, a platform offering decentralized finance with cryptocurrency, revealed on Wednesday that a hacker called Mr. White Hat stole $600 million worth of virtual assets.

But not long after the successful heist, the hacker contacted Poly Network and expressed their intent to return the stolen funds.

The reason for the heist? Apparently, it was simply for fun.

Fortunately, it seems the hacker (or group of hackers) behind the Mr. White Hat moniker is of the white-hat variety.

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Based on their communication and ongoing transaction with the Poly Network, the hacker claims they have no interest in money and acknowledges that it’s the investing public who are hurt from the hacking attack.

So far, more than half of the stolen funds have already been returned. The Poly Network won’t pursue criminal charges against the hacker but will instead reward Mr. White Hat with $500,000 when all the stolen assets are returned.

Source: Reuters

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