Converge ICT is bringing a sweet treat to their current and future subscribers.

The company just announced that they will be bumping up the speeds of their FiberX Plans by 50%. And the most interesting part is, the price will remain exactly the same.

Converge’s FiberX Plan 2500 will now have speeds of up to 75Mbps from 50Mbps, while the FiberX Plan 3500 with 100Mbps speeds will now experience 150Mbps of fast fiber connection. That’s a staggering 50Mbps bump from the previous plan.

Moreover, FiberX Plan 1500 users that are having up to 25Mbps speeds can bump it up to 35Mbps by adding Php99 per month on their subscription plan — a service that Converge is calling as FiberX Plan 1500 Plus.


And as a Christmas gift, those who will request for the add-on service will get the first month for free, if they subscribe until January 31.

Subscribers of the FiberX Plan 2500 and 3500 shall expect the speed upgrade before this year ends. Also, new and upcoming users shall expect the plan updates to be ready for them upon subscription.

On the other hand, FiberX Plan 1500 subscribers will have to make a request to get the additional 10Mbps add-on.

This move by Converge is a sign that the state of internet connectivity in the Philippines is slowly improving.

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