Elon Musk’s Starlink may have gotten the initial ground to offer the Philippines its initial low-orbit satellite internet service. But competition is coming as more firms are also seeking to enter the local market with a similar offering.

Luxembourg-based company SES is one such firm, looking to extend its footprint in the Philippines along with the launch of six of 11 satellites it calls O3b mPower. SES Director for Business Development Network Rob Marabut claims that the company is all ready to offer its service to the Filipino people by 2023.

Another firm that’s also poised to enter the competition is a local startup, Quicksilver Satcom Ventures. Like Starlink, the company wishes to cater to the underserved by enhancing internet penetration in areas with poor coverage via satellite internet technology.

With capital from the Ignite Impact Fund, Quicksilver plans to build partnerships with private clients and LGUs to establish service areas, with the hopes of also playing a significant role in the country’s economic progress.

Source: Inquirer

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  1. It won’t be long before these companies also set up shop in Iloilo with their satellite offices, as what many Call Center offices/BPO/ IT Centers in Metro Manila are doing now, scrambling for whatever precious office spaces are available in ILOILO CITY right now. There even new towers here and bldgs that are still forthcoming in construction that are already reserved by Manila offices even before they are finished in construction. Just this month, Mr. Fernando Zobel of Ayala Land personally visited Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas to inform him of Ayala Land’s plan to construct more office towers and allied investments to cope up with the foreseen scramble
    for valuable office spaces in Iloilo. Also just this month, Mr Enrique Razon of Solaire Hotel and Resort released the news that he is building a resort complex in Iloilo. All these is because ILOILO CITY has been discovered by these companies as a very healthy and livable place for living and retirement.
    Plentiful parks, Spanish plazas, open squares with monuments to heroes and patriots, riverside Esplanades with gardens , palm trees, brick-paved strolling and jogging paths, flowerbeds, fragrant bowers, blooming colorful bougainvilleas, biking lanes, fishing and birdwatching areas by the river, Zumba sessions, exercising and sightseeing stretches, outdoor sculptures, huge wall murals and art installations abound everywhere. The newest attraction is the Iloilo City Public Garden, popularly called the Garden of Love featuring rows of giant colorful hearts and rows of flower-beds and palmtrees, with garden sets and benches for families, lovers, students, the elderly and nature lovers to browse and take selfies among the blooms and greenery. Just like in Paris, Madrid, Prague, Buenos Aires in Argentina m, and yes, even like the BGC in Taguig, or even like in Singapore. And also, ILOILO CITY right now has the LOWEST ELECTRICITY POWER RATES per KWH among all the cities in the Philippines. At between 6.30+ to 7.30+pesos per kwh, this is the lowest rate among all the cities in the Philippines. Both real estate consulting giants LEECHU and COLLIERS issued these press releases on the attractiveness of Iloilo for office space rentals.

    1. ILOILO CITY also has plenty of museums and art galleries ( Iloilo is known as The Living Museum City of the Philippines); restaurants, hotels, convention facilities for big gatherings, plenty of air-conditioned supermarkets and grocery stores in almost all major neighborhoods (no need to go to downtown for your quick errands!); plenty of clean taxis and air-conditioned E-buses; extensive exclusive biking lanes ( just like in the great European cities of the world, ILOILO is known as the Biking Capital of the Philippines): ILOILO is also known as the Food Haven of the Philippines. Iloilo has direct regular flights to and from Singapore and HongKong, and flights to and from Seoul, Korea are being planned. Hi-tech hospitals and medical laboratory facilities are plentiful. Iloilo City has 8 universities, 5 of whom are more than 100 years old, and there are numerous high-end and tuition-fee-affordable schools. There are 3 medical schools.
      Residential condominium towers are starting to proliferate. Heritage bldgs, grand palatial mansions, Spanish-era Cathedrals and churches are plentiful and well preserved. ILOILO is an architect enthusiast’s paradise with plenty heritage bldgs in the style of classic Spanish, French, Italian, American and European architectural design. ILOILO’S cuisine is a beautiful collection of Spanish, Chinese, Malayan, American, Indian, Mexican dishes, pastries with recipes dating back to the Spanish era, and native cakes and rice cakes with recipes dating back to pre-Spanish days. ILOILO is every Filipino’s Dream City that has become a reality. The Cleanest and Most Beautiful City in the Philippines. ILOILO means fun and healthy living.