Are you a PLDT Home Fibr subscriber? Well, we have great news for you.

With the PLDT Home Fibr SpeedBoost program, subscribers can get up to 2x of speed upgrade for FREE in their current plan. So, for example, if you’ve subscribed to the Home Fibr Plan 1299, your 5Mbps internet speed will be bumped up to 10Mbps You can check the list below for the full list of upgrades.

PLDT Home Fibr SpeedBoost upgraded speeds

  • Plan 1299 – 10Mbps (from 5Mbps)
  • Plan 1699 – 20Mbps (from 15Mbps)
  • Plan 1899 – 30Mbps (from 25Mbps)
  • Plan 2899 – 100Mbps (from 50Mbps)
  • Plan 4299 – 150Mbps (from 120Mbps)
  • Plan 6299 – 300Mbps (from 250Mbps)


As per Butch Jimenez, PLDT Head of Consumer Business, the latest speed boosts were done to further support the increasingly digital lifestyle of Filipinos.

The free speed upgrade was also possibly due to the improving Fiber infrastructure of PLDT in the Philippines. If you remember, the company was awarded by Ookla as the Fastest Fixed Network in the Philippines the last  Q3-Q4 of 2018.

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To get your free internet upgrade, simply head to the Speed Boost section in PLDT’s website, key in your PLDT landline number, verify your account by providing the one-time password (OTP) sent to your registered mobile number, update and validate your contact details. And voila!

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  1. I want to upgrade my pldt home fiber wifi connection from 1299plan to 1699plan. How will i go to this process? And how many mbps will 1699 plan do? Thank you so much❤️

  2. woah,😲 magandang pamasko to ah. ty pldt. papaspeed boost na din ako. sama ko na kina tita.😊