OpenSignal has officially released its newest update for its State of Mobile Video report, bringing in more data for Asian carriers and more countries.

According to OpenSignal’s per-carrier study, Smart has managed to get a video experience score of 42.2, way ahead of its rival’s 29.2 points. Overall, the Philippines got 34.98 which is at the rock bottom of the list.

A previous report from the same company has showed that Smart’s performance is similar to international carriers like AT&T and Sprint.

In terms of speed, our country ranks third from the last averaging only 6.02Mbps.

Earlier this year, OpenSignal also acknowledged Smart for having the fastest LTE network in the Philippines.

The report’s content was gathered from over 8 million test devices and over 87 billion measurements from the period of May 14th to August 11th this year.

Since both Smart and Globe are hard at work in improving their networks, we’re hoping that we can get out of the last spot in the next report.

Source: OpenSignal

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