Space Exploration Technologies Corp. (SpaceX), owned by American billionaire Elon Musk, and Converge ICT, owned by Pampanga-based internet tycoon Dennis Anthony H. Uy, are said to be in talks to bring Starlink broadband satellite services to the Philippine market.

As per The Inquirer, the plan for the venture is being panned out with representatives from both companies having met on multiple occasions. The business idea comes without a surprise considering SpaceX’s recent highlight in having added more satellites into low orbit—a significant height that contrasts pre-existing satellites, which are at way higher elevation by being thousands of kilometers from Earth’s surface, and is subsequently better for it.

Presently at its beta stage of implementation, SpaceX’s broadband satellite is catering to both domestic and international customers, at an internet speed of 50Mbps up to 150Mbps. According to the company’s website, it expects a “near global coverage” for its services within 2021.

The promise for a satellite-based internet offers the benefit of accessibility where land-based internet could not provide is a promising one, which caught the attention of Philippine politician, Grace Poe. However, as the cost attributed to the setting up of the service may be too expensive for the average Filipino, that is, at $500 or roughly Php25,000, the senator foresees the venture to render for the niche market in the meantime.

Despite that early insight, though, the Philippine senator also anticipates that the service will eventually become more affordable to Filipinos, ideally after some time of successful, massive adoption.

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