Ever find your 50-inches screen a little too small for you and your friends to enjoy?

There now an easy fix to that problem, which, while may seem unconventional at first, is actually feasible—use the cinema’s big screen instead.

When many movie houses are closing down, operating at half a capacity, or have little to offer moviegoers in light of COVID-19, cinema owners are forced to adapt to an otherwise unfavorable condition for business—such as choosing to offer the theater’s space for gamers all for themselves or with a small company of people for amusement.

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In South Korea, in particular, a popular cinema chain called CGV has indeed resorted to renting out its picture houses, all in a bid to generate some income for its struggling enterprise.

For $90, the cinema is offering people of up to four to bring their video game console set in order to experience a new environment for their hobby, with the obvious hint on bigger screen, for two hours before 6PM.

Alternatively, anyone who would wish to indulge themselves during the evening will have to pay a higher fee of $135.

Via: BBC

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