If you’re planning a trip outside the country and want to share or document your out-of-town adventure, grabbing a WiFi hotspot unit that supports data roaming internationally is the best choice. Unless you’re visiting a family member with a mobile data plan in that specific country then you are saved from the expenses your data may incur during the trip.

Lucky for you, Philippine Airlines (PAL) has a myPAL Roam rental service that travelers can use during their trips. It is a portable WiFi device with an international SIM that allows data roaming. No more missed Snapchat moments or late Instagram stories, everything can be uploaded in real time, all thanks to myPal Roam. With 87 countries supporting the service worldwide, myPAL Roam is sure worth spending on.

This service is kinda similar to the Smart Travel WiFi which was launched last November. It also costs Php390 per day for Asian countries, while Australia, United States of America, Middle East, Russia, Spain and others costs a hundred more at Php490 per day.

myPAL Roam - NoypiGeeks

For only Php390 per day, you get to enjoy unlimited data in your chosen country. Simply visit the myPAL Roam page, request for the WiFi unit, choose the designated country, schedule the start and end date and you’re good to go. You don’t even have to worry about getting your units once you’re booked because they can deliver it right to your house. Of course, those within Metro Manila experience the “free shipping” perk but those outside must pay a shipping fee of Php150. You can also return it through shipping, if you want to save time and effort.

Via: YugaTech

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