As high-profile users, such as politicians and activists, tend to be the favorite target of state-sponsored hackers, Apple has implemented a feature that will safeguard such individuals from the scheme, if they own an iPhone—the Lockdown Mode.

As the name implies, Apple‘s Lockdown Mode is a feature that forces the iPhone, iPad, and MacBook to turn off several essential features to mitigate the device’s susceptibility against spyware—that is, by disabling certain features that hackers can tap secretly.

In particular, Lockdown Mode works by disabling or restricting certain functionality, which includes iMessage’s Preview features, JavaScript on the Safari browser, configuration profiles, wired connections, and any incoming Apple services request. The feature also extends to FaceTime.


Committed to bringing the utmost protection to its customers, Apple has even gone on its way to put up a bounty of up to $2 million on any security flaw that may be present in the Lockdown Mode.

The giant tech’s announcement came months after a report of “zero-click” attacks being disseminated via text messages by state-sponsored hackers, said to be affecting recent-model iPhones, came to light.

Lockdown Mode will be available on iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks.

Source: Apple

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