A good number of iPhone 12 series are flocking Apple’s Support Forums in what seems to be a case of complaint over their device’s unwarranted battery drain issue, raising a problem that have affected multiple Apple products, in one point or another, across years.

Thread starter “Master26A” reported his trouble as a case of iPhone 12 Pro going at a drain at a staggering “rate of 4 percent,” despite his device being on “idle with almost no background activity.” The forum user went so far as to compare the issue with his iPhone 11 Pro, with a stark difference.


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With awareness that certain features could be playing pivotal role in the drain, Master26A tried to remedy the issue by shutting off the device’s 5G connectivity, only to find the effort to be in vain.

Master26A is but just one of over a thousand users who filed similar complaints, but to no solution. Making the trouble all the more puzzling is a response from Apple’s support representative who claims no inconsistencies with the iPhone 12 Pro’s battery discharge, suggesting that software might be the culprit.

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