Google recently announced that it will provide 10 years of automatic software updates for Chromebooks released in 2021 and beyond. This decision aims to address the growing issue of e-waste and provide users with a longer lifespan for their Chromebooks. Additionally, Google is working towards making its cloud-based laptops more repairable and using sustainable materials.

This new commitment from Google surpasses the previous 8-year timeline for software updates for Chrome OS. The company highlights that this promise is longer than what other operating systems offer. However, it is essential to note that Chrome OS, being browser-based, heavily relies on internet connectivity. If a Chromebook cannot run its browser, it becomes non-functional.

While older Chromebooks released before 2021 cannot benefit from the extended update timeline, some specific models, like the 2017-era Pixelbook, can opt-in for automatic updates.


The announcement of 10 years of software updates for Chromebooks is significant for users who have recently purchased these devices. It ensures that they can hold onto their Chromebooks for an extended period and receive the latest features and security updates. This will also address concerns raised by schools facing the challenge of e-waste disposal as a result of outdated Chromebooks.

Chromebooks have gained popularity, especially among budget-conscious users. However, the sales momentum has slowed down since the peak of the global health crisis when remote work and online learning boosted affordable laptop demand.

With Apple’s rumored entry into the low-cost laptop market, Google is likely focused on retaining its user base by offering extended software updates. Google’s emphasis on repairability and sustainable materials also aligns with the growing demand for eco-friendly technology. As competition intensifies, it will be interesting to see how Google and Apple shape the future of low-cost laptops.

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