McDo PH App: When Hunger Strikes, There’s an App for That


If there are any people left who don’t know about McDonald’s 86-2-36 delivery hotline, there’s probably only a few of them left. Of course, this is the age of smartphones now, and while few things are as convenient as the McDonald’s hotline, there’s something about using the McDo PH app that’s a little more satisfying.

The last time I used the app, I was hanging with a number of school friends at one of their homes. We all got hungry as these hangouts tend to do at some point in the day, and since I had already used the McDo PH app a couple of times before, I thought, why not?


I’d like to say it took a few seconds to tap out our orders, and the app is certainly capable of that. Of course, everyone had their own individual preferences and wanted to order their own thing, so deciding on what to order took more than a few minutes.

We chose the new BFF Mix Bundle which gave us several options which include: Big Mac, McSpicy, 2-pc Chicken meal, 1-pc Chicken with Spaghetti, etc. Thankfully, the app made it easy enough to select orders and at the end, there was a check out list prior to completing the order process. For diversity, we picked two 2-pc Chicken meals, 1 Big Mac, and 1 McDouble Deluxe.

Since it’s not my first time to order on the mobile app, I didn’t receive any phone calls anymore. Instead, McDonalds texted me and asked for my complete name for verification purposes. I replied and they told me that my order should arrive within 45 minutes.



We received our order at exactly the time that was quoted (~45 minutes) and the delivery guy was kind, too. We enjoyed the meals and continued our bonding and kulitan moments afterwards. I highly recommend McDelivery for small parties, reunions, and gatherings because it’s fast and their products are generally affordable.

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