Have you been itching to finally join the Spotify Premium squad, but you don’t have the credit card to pay for it? Well, haven’t you tried using your Smart mobile load? If not, this is might be the best time to do so.

In a recent announcement on their Facebook account, Smart subscribers can acquire a Spotify Premium membership by paying using their mobile load and also get a special bonus.

This lets the users pay for their subscription, without the need for a credit card which is among the biggest barriers when trying to avail the service.

With a paid Spotify Premium subscription, users can now listen to music without the ads, play any song of their choice, unlimited skips, and more importantly, they can now download music to listen to them even without internet connection.

And to lure people in, Smart and Spotify are offering your first three months for the price of one. It might not be as appealing as the Php9 for 3 months promo, but that doesn’t include paying via mobile load and it requires a credit card. Anyway, Php129 for 3 months of unlimited music is not bad either.

Alternatively, students who would like a longer subscription term can opt to present some documents to Spotify to avail the 50% discount for 12 months.

The promo runs until December 31, 2017, and is only available for those who haven’t tried Spotify Premium yet. After the 3-month introductory offer, the subscription will bear the standard cost of Php129 per month. You can also cancel your subscription anytime, so no pressure here.

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