A Filipino nurse-turned-entrepreneur develops the first coconut-based perforated patch aimed at aiding the treatment of wounds among diagnosed diabetics. The idea has reached viability as a product going through mass production and was backed by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST).

Denver Chicano, founder of the PatchMed Cosmetics Trading and said developer of the product, was praised by DOST Secretary Fortunato “Boy” T. de la Peña over the invention, which officially adopted the name, Vermac.

Formerly a nursing practitioner at the Burn Unit of the Philippine General Hospital (PGH), Chicano has come up with a completely original commodity for use in the medical field or one, in medical jargon, is without bioequivalence from the start.

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Derived from coconut’s cellulose fiber, de la Peña lauded the coco patch’s proven effectivity, which he claims is comparable with existing wound dressings in the market.

As per the former nurse and now businessman, the DOST played a crucial role in the production of Vermac by providing the hardware that is crucial in the entire process.


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  1. Thanks for sharing. Medicine is developing at a very fast pace, because there are more and more diseases. This patch is really very good and this is a very small part of what is being invented now. If you are interested, you can see even more interesting technologies that have been invented in medicine in this article.