A Filipino has shown off a locally made hoverboard in Subic, Zambales, in an attempt to break a world record.

Flying drone maker and professional dancer Kyxz Mendiola flew the Filipino-made hoverboard over the SBMA Freeport Zone at a height of 30ft with 2.89km distance.


That surpasses the achievement of the current world record holder, Franky Zapata, a man from France who’s aboard a Flyboard Air that used a jet engine propulsion. Zapata set a world record of 2.25km in April 2016.

The hoverboard used by Mendiola was co-built by Filipino company Star 8 Green Technology Corporation. Powered by batteries, this vehicle was able to fly for 7 minutes and 22 seconds.

Mendiola said that their original goal was only 2.5km, so they were surprised when they hit 2.89km.

Now, Mendiola and the team plans to submit their numbers to the Guinness World Records.

Mendiola’s father, Edwin, shared his excitement about the achievement as he saw how his son built the hoverboard for 7 years in their home.

Mendiola and Star 8 teamed up to make flying eco-friendly cars. Back in 2018, the duo showcased their Electric Manned Aerial Vehicle Future 8 (EMAV) with Mendiola on the cockpit.

Via: GMA News

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