Asus has released yet another ZenFone 2 model. So what makes this different model from the rest? A whopping 128GB of built-in storage.

We’ve listed four different models during the Southeast Asia launch of the ZenFone 2, and the most expensive of them all (ZE551ML) only has 64GB of internal storage. Flipkart, the official online partner of Asus in India, has quietly listed a new variant with double the internal storage. It uses the same model number, so it looks like the change in storage is only the main difference here. And because such large capacity may still not be enough, there’s also support for a larger microSD expansion—up to 128GB.

Flipkart has put a price tag of Rs.29,999 for the 128GB ZenFone 2 (approx. Php21,000).

[Source: Flipkart]

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