Name one entry-level smartphone that has blazing-fast LTE connectivity. Most likely, you have nothing in mind. But, if the newly revealed Broadcom M320 and M340 SoCs turn out to be successful, the world will soon have budget devices with 150Mbps LTE.

When deployed, the new Broadcom chips will introduce affordable 4G smartphones with prices below $300. Both the dual-core M320 and quad-core M340 LTE SoCs have native support for Android 4.4 KitKat, too, which should allow our local smartphone companies to sell devices with the latest software.

Besides Cat 4 150Mbps LTE, the chips also feature speeds of up to 42Mbps on HSPA+ 3G. Other connectivity options include fifth-gen Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Smart, NFC, and location technologies.

At the moment, there’s no timetable as to when we’ll get to see the first devices running on Broadcom M320 and M340, but the chip maker has already sent sample units to leading phone manufacturers for testing.

[Source: Broadcom]

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