Cherry Mobile Titan Pro

The Galaxy Note-like device we previously reported about has finally gotten itself an official name. The new Cherry Mobile Titan Pro is a 5-inch smartphone with a quad-core processor, 12-megapixel rear shooter, and a stylus.

Naturally, the one feature to take notice of is the stylus, which for the Cherry Mobile Titan Pro is christened the Gesture Pen or G Pen. Pretty much like the S Pen of the Samsung Galaxy Note series, it comes with a button for activating special gestures. Apparently, this pen can let you “doodle your way to a whole new creative dimension.”

Cherry Mobile Titan Pro with Gesture Pen

That’s about it, for now. The Cherry Mobile Titan Pro largely remains a mystery in terms of specs and software features. The photo teasers do suggest that there’s an accompanying app for the stylus that can simultaneously launch on top of whatever active app the device is currently running. That light blue tab at the upper-left portion of the phone’s screen also looks similar to the multi-window feature of Samsung. But until we receive more official information from Cherry Mobile, just take what I said with a good dose of skepticism.

The Cherry Mobile Titan Pro is slated to officially launch on February 4.

[Source: Cherry Mobile]

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