Smartphone maker Motorola has recently demoed its proprietary over-the-air wireless charging tech, claiming it can simultaneously charge a lot of devices and has a good charging radius.

In partnership with GuRu Wireless and Salom Electric, Motorola’s tech known as Space Charging is the company’s response to Xiaomi’s Air Charge Technology and OPPO’s Wireless Air Charging.

Space Charging is actually already in its second generation, which is now able to charge up to four devices up to 3 meters away within a 100-degree cone. The mechanism behind Space Charging is similar to how Wi-Fi and mesh networking work.

In comparison, Xiaomi’s and OPPO’s tech can only accommodate one device at a time, with the latter having an operating distance of only a few inches.

Motorola’s demo makes it seem like true wireless charging is almost ready for commercial availability. But alas, it looks like Motorola still needs to iron out some kinks, pass certain regulations, and deliver a passable charging speed before it announces a release date.

Space Charging only has up to 5W charging for now.

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