Based on the second technical audit by the National Telecommunications Commission, telco DITO Telecommunity passed with flying colors in terms of minimum average speed.

Opensignal tells it differently in its own report, showing the telco is slightly lagging behind the average. So, what’s with the conflicting story?

In a media briefing, DITO Telecommunity gave an explanation regarding the contradicting results. DITO claims that R.G. Manabat & Co, the independent company that conducted the NTC audit, followed a set of parameters that were approved by the commission.


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DITO Telecommunity said that RG Manabat only selected a few sites out of more than 3,000 sites it currently has. These sites were then examined from three distances to gather results, which DITO claims were fair and accurate.

As to how Opensignal came up with the middling performance for the telco, DITO claims the data collected by the analytics firm may have taken into account crowdsourced test results from users who might have been located even farther than the farthest test distance in the audit—hence the slower performance.

Source: Inquirer

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  1. So in the audit they tested specific distances at chosen locations, and opensignal aggregates data from normal users who may or may not give accurate information based on specifics of that group. They’re both fine and one does not cancel out the other. I don’t even think the lag in speed was significant enough to care about. My concern would be that they aren’t rolling out a 5g network, and the two existing carriers are completing full coverage of major metro areas and will move out from there.