MyPhone Rio Series Back Covers

The Rio series of smartphones have proven to be a pretty big hit for MyPhone. One of the more appealing aspects of the Rio series is their colorful back covers, allowing users to choose a phone that matches their personality. However, up until now, there haven’t been any MyPhone Rio series back covers being sold in stores for those who aren’t satisfied with just one color.

That ends now as MyPhone has finally started selling Rio series back covers for anyone with a Rio, Rio Lite or Rio Fun. The best part? They’re only Php99 each! Interested in getting one or five, maybe? Check out the source link for a list of all the locations you can get them at!


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  1. hi, do you still have available my phone agua rio back cover? san sa quezon city po may available?

  2. Hello, interested ako. meron ba kayong back cover na pang rio fun na 99 dn sa branch niyo sa sm annex? ty

  3. ang hirap hanapin store kung san pwede makabili ng flip case, jelly case, back cover, etc. ng myphone rio 2!!!!

  4. Please send msg where can I buy back cover for mp Rio craze. Where my phone store can be available this accessories
    Pls reply.thx.

  5. Price is being manipulated in Myphone stores. Thy are selling this back cover for 250 pesos and not 99 as indicated. Supply and demand plays a big role here. Myphone wake up and control your sellers to avoid backlash from consumers.