OPPO is warming up for MWC 2019 by holding an early event in Barcelona Spain, where they finally introduced their 10x Lossless Zoom technology.

This incredible feat will appeal not just professional photographers, but also a lot of casual users. Other than allowing you to frame your shots better, just imagine having the ability to capture really far away objects without moving closer.


To achieve this, OPPO had to use a number of lenses, which could have resulted in a bigger camera bump — but, the company did some outside-the-box thinking to avoid that.

The actual sensor is buried inside the phone, while five different lenses and a D-Cut prism lens are arrayed in a horizontal orientation, which provided an overall camera size of only 6.78mm, which is 120% smaller than what it should have been.


Also, both the sensor and the prism are equipped with Optical Image Stabilization. All of these allowed the OPPO 10x lossless zoom technology provide a 160mm telephoto zoom equivalent.

On top of the actual telephoto lens is an ultra-sharp 48-megapixel sensor, a feature that we’re starting to see in more and more devices recently.


While on the far top, we have an ultra wide-angle sensor. All these three sensors with different focal lengths shall provide users the flexibility that is only used to be exclusive in more expensive cameras.

OPPO didn’t reveal what smartphone this new camera technology will land on. But if we were to speculate, the successor to the Find X might get first dibs on this one — which is rumored to have the Find Z moniker.

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