OPPO F9 Review, Specs, Price

A lot of companies have started building their own system performance enhancements in the last year or so, and the list just continues to grow longer as we come to the end of 2018.

Xiaomi has the AI-enhanced system management in their own MIUI 10, while Huawei and Honor has the GPU Turbo under their belt. To keep up with their competitors, OPPO has joined the game with its Hyper Boost technology.

OPPO describes it as a “full-scenario, system-level performance boost engine,” which can intelligently allocate system resources to tasks that need more power depending on the scenarios they are in. Hyper Boost is divided into three divisions; gaming, targeting system, and application performance.

According to the company, they have worked with both Qualcomm and MediaTek to optimize the resource allocation feature with over 50 solutions, which results to a massive 31.9% improvement of loading times in apps.


In terms of gaming, OPPO Hyper Boost can optimize 11 games so far, with PUBG Mobile and Honor of Kings on top of the list. Unity, Unreal, and Cocos were also on board and they optimized their respective game engines for OPPO.

An interesting feature that caught our attention is the polymorphic network technology which can supposedly combine Wi-Fi and mobile data to get better internet connection and reduce lag.

OPPO didn’t give out specific numbers on how well the Hyper Boost technology will improve the gaming performance, unlike Huawei which is pretty firm in their claims. But to OPPO’s credit, they launched with 9 more titles compared to Huawei’s limitation to Mobile Legends and PUBG Mobile.

Chinese apps like WeChat and Taobao are also getting up to 39 common usage scenario improvements. Support for other international apps like Facebook and Instagram are yet to be confirmed.

OPPO didn’t give out much detail with regards to Hyper Boost for now. We’re currently waiting for more information and the list of smartphones that will receive the software update. But in case you’re wondering, we expect it to come to a bunch of recent OPPO smartphones like the OPPO F9, OPPO Find X, and more.

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