SKK Mobile has posted on its official Facebook page a new dual-core Android phone for only Php3,999. Known as the Mirage S1, it comes with a dual-core mobile processor, 5-inch display, and dual-SIM capability.

The SKK Mobile Mirage S1 looks a lot like the HTC One. With the curved edges and dual front-facing speakers seemingly imitated down to the last detail, perhaps the only differences are the placing of the front camera—the Mirage S1’s is on the left side, while HTC One has it on the right—and the missing proximity sensor.

Allegations of ripping off HTC’s flagship’s design aside, the SKK Mobile Mirage S1 offers a 5-inch LCD display (most likely using the older TFT variant instead of IPS), a dual-core processor that’s clocked at 1.2GHz, and 512MB of RAM. The rear camera has a 5-megapixel resolution, paired with a 0.3MP (VGA) front-facing shooter. Connectivity options include 3G, Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi.

SKK Mobile Mirage S1 specs

Available internal storage is only 4GB, actually even less when you consider the pre-installed apps. To make do for such shortcoming, the SKK Mobile Mirage S1 has an expandable external memory of up to 32GB via the microSD slot. Running on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, the handset sports a dual-SIM configuration to accommodate two SIM cards. SKK Mobile has kept mum about the other technical specs, and so we’ll update this post once we learn some more.

Sold for Php3,999, the Mirage S1 is one of SKK Mobile’s entry-level smartphones for users who are new to the Android platform. It is already available in accredited dealers and concept stores across the country.

[Source: SKK Mobile | Via: Technobaboy]

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  1. You need to download a “go launcher” screen lock and theme to change the default screen. Once activated, it will replace the default screenlock and default android theme. It works on all smartphones and android. You may need then to restart your phone to prevent freezing. It’s available in googleplay and mobogenei marketplace.

    1. you need to download a go launcher screen lock and theme. once activated, it will replace the default wallpaper. It works on all smartphones and android.

  2. selling my mirage s1 color black for 3800 pesos..
    i used it for just 1 month..
    fixed price
    txt if interested


  3. I have one. I like it very much. at first i was worried about the battery life but managed it when i have installed an app called DU battery saver. yup you have to cut your second sim and should be your permanent number ’cause you can no longer insert it to phones with usual sim sizes. its cool. I can even tether to my laptop using usb connector without root and it’s working.

      1. try downloading a go launcher theme. once you activate it, it will change the screen. you may also need to download a go launcher lock screen.

  4. to those who owns mirage S1 what more can you say about the proximity sensor guys, is it okay even if it doesn’t have that? is it working normally, okay? coz im planning to buy a Mirage S1 but i’m still looking out for the possible ‘shortcomings’ of the model/unit…

  5. cm burst 2.0 3.899k lang,although the camera 5mp of it is total garbagembut, 2000mah baterry 4.5 incher screen 854×480 resolution and of course’ quadcore processor! so in some way, mas better to i think?

    1. Try Phoenix G1 of Skk its much better plus its 5 nch and has 8mp back cam , quad core, 2000mah battery and only 3800php – he phone im currently using