Starmobile wants to start the New Year with a bang by releasing what seems to be the first locally branded smartphone with an octa-core processor—the Starmobile Diamond X1. It’s a 6-inch phablet that’s expected to launch in January 2014.

So far, Starmobile has kept mum on a lot of details about the Diamond X1. The company, though, did tease in an email that this 6-inch phablet will employ the very same build quality, camera sensors, and imaging features that Starmobile devices are distinguished for. Could this be a high-end smartphone positioned (hopefully) at a very attractive price range?

We can, however, guess what the 8-core chip will be, given that most local brands make good use of processors made by MediaTek. This China-based chip manufacturer has so far only unveiled one octa-core processor this year—the MT6592—with rumors suggesting a LTE-enabled follow-up to surface in January.

What this means is we might have capable smartphone that comes equipped with a 13-megapixel rear camera with 1080p video recording, Mali450-MP4 GPU, 1080p (Full HD) screen display, and HSPA+ connectivity. These are only speculations on our part, so let’s wait for the official announcement.

[Source: The Technoclast]

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  1. Ang problem dito will be battery wait nio nlng lg g flex 18 hrs straight gaming ang phone na un astig

  2. I’d prefer the Cherry mobile Z2 Octa-core over this. The winning proposition is of the “availability”. the Z2 is already on shelves here in cagayan de oro while the SM X1 has yet to arrive. Why would i consider a phone that only exists in blogs and over hyped.

  3. Don’t count on it StarMobile. this is just building hype and giving false hopes to buyers. I’ve seen this marketing ploy with the SM Knight, which is over-hyped and no availability nationwide. Starmobile’s logistics cannot equate with their marketing. Meaning, Launch Date to Rlease Date is too long. When SM Knight arrived in store here in cagayan de oro, it never sold out because of the arrival of the CM Cosmos X2. Cherry mobile’s just lurking behind this marketing, I bet my neck that Cherry “CAN” release and make available an Octacore phone before SM X1 reaches stores.

  4. ” Could this be a high-end smartphone positioned (hopefully) at a very attractive price range?”

    I LOL’ed @ this…..siyempre being the first locally (rebranded) Octacore, they have all the leverage to dictate whatever price they want, knowing Starmobile, their prices aren’t really ”pang-,masa” or competitive so to speak. Common sense suggests that Cherry Mobile’s first Octacore offering will be a LOT CHEAPER than whatever SM’s gonna come up with.

    Presyuhan ninyo ng Php16-Php17k yan, sige lang hehe….In fact I wouldn’t be surprised kung Php16k nga ito :-O

    1. THL Monkey king 2 check nyo release nya din sa January 2014..ok pA yong battery nya…taob lahat ng phablet specs pag release ng THL T100 …yong mga locally rebrand like CM,myphone ,starmobile,O+, also samsung etc.. for sure NGA NGA lalo na sa price…@ P12,999….peace

  5. Ang nilis na naman maubos battery nyan tsaka in real world use aanhin mu ba yang octa core?! eh latest games nga like real racing 3 kayang tumakbo na walang lag sa S3 Mini ko na Dual core 1ghz mali 400 and 1 year old na…

    1. Tama! Sa games hindi kelangan yang mga core na yan… sa desktop nga ang mga games ay pino-program lang sa mga dual core cpu;s. Ang need lang nitong mga maraming core ay kung engineer or artist designer ka…

      1. let me correct you with that. in my knowledge as an android developer and a computer technician there’s is a big difference between core’s, halimbawa ang dual core ay merong hindi kayang gawin ng quadcore. especially sa mga high end applications or games. kaya nga may mga application na may requirements pa para gumana ng maayos at walang abirya. and that’s why they are developing much higher core’s because some games and application need more video memory like desktop computers. example nito ay yung 1Ghz kaya niya ang HD quality HOWEVER pagtinodo ang video quality ng isang laro nagiging LAG, Delay, StopDance, etc kasi di na kakayanin ng 1Ghz dahil lumaki na ang FPS(Frame per second) and kung mababa pa ang RAM(Random Access Memory) malamang you end up losing your game. And let me add this to you that android is also a Operating System like computers. kaya nga tinawag na smartphone dahil parang katumbas na ito ng isang PC yun nga lang portable size.

  6. “Could this be a high-end smartphone positioned (hopefully) at a very attractive price range” Since when did Starmobile have an attractive price range? In fact original Chinese brands like Huawei and Lenovo are approaching their price range already. In fact these brands can produce cheaper smartphones than everybody else because all the parts are, you guess it, Made In China. They can if they want to but I have the feeling they won’t. Business without competition is too boring for them. Rebranders are safe, for now.

  7. Yeah right, ano pa expect ninyo sa SM? Overpriced ito sigurado. ..CM is smart, like a sleek counterpuncher, hihintayin nila ang price nito tsaka booooooom! Ayan na ang kanilang Octa version for Php2k cheaper.

    Same old song and dance.