An unexpected video was posted by YouTube on their own channel earlier today reminding everybody that it’s sole purpose for its 8 years of being online is to search for the best video around. Since its creation, millions of videos has been uploaded to the video sharing site and thousands of creative and high quality videos were shared along the way. Now, it’s time to say goodbye to the site we’ve come to love.

Many users have probably forgotten or are unaware of the competition in YouTube where they will choose the best video among all the submitted entries. The prize for the winning video is an MP3 player and $500 in cash which will be awarded 10 years from now. YouTube will be open to the public in 2023, and the only video that will be restored is the ‘best video’ chosen by the judges.

The panel consists of dedicated engineers and 30,000 technicians which will choose a short list for the best video on YouTube. After that, the final judges include YouTube celebrities and film critics. The criteria isn’t clear but as far as we know the number of views won’t help much. Whether it’s the most viewed Gangnam Style video, the Harlem Shake Dance Craze, or a crappy home-made prank video, it has fair chances of winning.

YouTube has been a household name for its 8 fruitful years but things just come to an end. Google recently pulled the plug on its famous Google Reader and we’re sad to see Youtube go down the pipeline. We hate to see it go and we’ll surely miss it because most people rely on the video sharing giant for all their tutorial and entertainment needs. It looks like we need to find another good one, eh? Goodbye, YouTube! ‘Till we meet again!

* If you’re heartbroken by this news, you seriously need to look to your calendar right now then post a comment below.

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