Not long after Apple announced its anti-child abuse measures for its devices, Google revealed via a blog post that it will also be making changes to its own apps and services for the welfare of teens and pre-teens.

While Google already has existing parental controls and safety measures, the search giant will be implementing changes in its policies to give a safer experience online for minors. Perhaps the most prominent change is the streamlined process for children (or their parents) to request the removal of their images from Google Search.


Of course, Google admits this won’t entirely remove the images from the Internet, but at least the removal from search engine results will give the children better control of their images online.

Google’s various apps will also be seeing changes for the benefit of minors. YouTube, for instance, will set newly uploaded videos by minors to the most private option available. Google Assistant will be applying SafeSearch technology by default to filter search results. Location History will be disabled and cannot be turned on by minors. As for Google Play, there will be a new section for child-friendly apps.

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