The second major version of Huawei’s Harmony OS will reportedly be unveiled on September 11 during the Huawei Developer Conference.

As reported by GizChina, Harmony OS 2.0 will expand support to more smart devices (on top of smart TVs and routers powered by the current version). These include PCs, cars, and smartwatches, one of which is the upcoming Huawei Mate Watch.

Notably, the second major version of Harmony OS still isn’t aimed at smartphones. But although Huawei is presently powering its smartphones with the Android-based EMUI, the company may switch to its in-house OS within the next three years.


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Huawei has also been actively trademarking names such as AIRGlass, Amon OS, HarmonyOS Connected, HarmonyOS Linked, Hi City, Hi Lens, Honor HarmonyOS, and Huawei ARK OS. This may be an indication of Huawei’s commitment to its operating system. 

Harmony OS 3.0, which is slated for 2021, will reportedly expand further to devices such as speakers, headphones and VR headsets. 

Harmony OS had its first public reveal in a prior Huawei Developer Conference, specifically in August 2019. It’s a smart OS designed to run on different types of devices and can potentially become a full-fledged Android replacement.

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