Recent gathered data has shown that Filipino students are struggling to find decent Internet access for distance learning. There are cons and pros to online schooling in the time of the pandemic. And according to a new study, teachers unsurprisingly don’t have it easy either.

From feedback gathered from 28,859 teachers hired by the Department of Education, National Research Council of the Philippines member Celina Sarmiento revealed in her study that only 30 percent of the teachers were able to experience interactive online activities with their students.


On the other hand, 62.66 percent of the teachers said they had to resort to reporting to school in person for resources including internet connectivity. Sarmiento’s study also shows that the respondent teachers, most of whom hail from rural locations, only had mobile, limited data at best as their connection instead of more reliable, unlimited fixed broadband solutions.

Facebook Messenger is found to be the preferred communication tool by the teachers, because it’s free to use in mobile networks even without load.

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