Bard, Google’s chatbot, laid out a list of jobs that are under threat by artificial intelligence and jobs that are not.

When asked by The Australian, Google’s rendition of the chatbot, Bard, responded with names of jobs that could be most and least affected by AI, including the reasons as to why.

Citing the list as non-exhaustive, the AI also mentions that the checklist is still subject to growth in the coming years.

As automation becomes more advanced and commonplace when doing tasks, AI warns that legal assistants are likely to be negatively influenced by artificial intelligence.

Surprisingly, even truck drivers are also on the list of jobs that could be replaced by AI, given how self-driving cars are perceived to become more developed over time.

Concerning what job is at most risk due to AI, however, Bard mentioned data entry clerks because of automation using AI-powered software, particularly those involving putting customer information on the database and updating the database.


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Factory workers are also likely to lose their jobs as machinery becomes infused with AI-based software, the operating cost of which is said to be relatively cheaper than human labor.

Adding also to the list of jobs at risk of getting replaced by artificial intelligence includes translators, accountants, legal assistants, as well as customer service, underpinned by their “information processing” roles.

Meanwhile, on the topic of jobs that will remain significant even with the proliferation of AI, Bard puts teachers on the list, suggesting how classroom educators are an indispensable part of society.

Likewise, salespeople, lawyers, and healthcare workers are also on the list for the human interaction involved in their respective professions.

On the facet of the human element, it comes as no surprise that clergymen will also remain relevant as people look for “spiritual guidance” amid a world that is becoming highly dependent on AI.

List of jobs that will be replaced by Artificial Intelligence — Google Bard

  1. Data entry clerks
  2. Customer service representatives
  3. Truck Drivers
  4. Telemarketers
  5. Accountants
  6. Legal assistants
  7. Web Developers
  8. Translators
  9. Graphic designers
  10. Factory workers

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