For freeloaders, Netflix account sharing is going to be a lot harder come early 2023.

Netflix has announced that it intends to roll out a “thoughtful approach” to monetize password-sharing by Q1 2023.

This strategy will allow current Netflix users to pay more for additional streaming accounts, so that they can share one account between multiple people. The company has previously experimented with similar plans in several Latin American countries, where it charges its users an extra $2.99 per month to give others outside their households access to their accounts.

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Netflix also revealed how it plans to lure people who don’t pay for its service by offering them a new feature called “Profile Transfer,” which will make account transfers easier. It’s also planning to launch a new ad-supported subscription plan called “Basic with Ads” in a few weeks.

The streaming service has been tightening its grip on password-based account access after estimating that one out of every three subscribers use a family member’s login credentials.

Despite the fact that the economy has been going through tough times for some time now, Netflix is forecasting that its growth will continue to accelerate in the next few months. It expects to add four and a half million new customers in Q4 2022.

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