OpenSea, the largest trading platform for non-fungible tokens, has released new security features designed to clamp down on NFTs of faked or plagiarized art.

As the company announced in two blog posts earlier this week, the new features are designed to improve the OpenSea verification process in two specific areas—one pertaining to the account verification and collection badging system, and other affecting the automated system for detecting and preventing copy mints, aka fake copies of legit NFTs.


More companies and users are adopting NFTs, and its rising popularity has led to the rampant creation of fakes. In February, OpenSea tweeted that it removed 80 percent of NFTs from its platform for violating the company’s terms of service.

To help achieve their goal of removing copymints while still allowing “substantively additive remixes,” OpenSea announced its use of image recognition technology along with a dedicated human review. The company plans to scale up its copymint removal process of the next few weeks.

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