A recent survey involving 28,000 Philippine employees conducted by technology company Cisco has found that a large percentage of them prefer to work in a hybrid setup.

92.2% of the participants of the study claim to be happier working in a hybrid work environment while 85.8% say that they experience better work-life balance.

Not being stuck in the traditional workspace, 92.6% and 63.8% of the participants also find an improved bond with their families and friends.

Furthermore, those who are in a hybrid work setup appear to have a better sense of wellness, with 76.3% claiming to be eating healthier and 71.1% being able to live more actively.

Stress, which is a common factor in burnout among workers, seems to be less among hybrid-setup workers as well, with 61.3% claiming to feel it less.

Financially, those who were surveyed claim to be wealthier as 89.9% were able to save more money than they did a year prior. Additionally, they earn 13.9% more income, too.

Not having to travel between home and work, the participants also seem to save some cash on transportation costs (89.5%) and time (more than 4 hours per week at 74.3% and more than 8 hours per week at 37.1%).

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