When making an informed decision for online product purchases, mothers in the Philippines read less articles and blogs than mothers from other Southeast Asian countries.

According to the Digital Mom Survey May 2022 edition by parenting app TheAsianParent, Filipino moms read 2.6 articles or blogs on average before making an online purchase decision. In comparison, Thai and Indonesian moms read an average of 3.2 articles/blogs. Malaysian mothers had the highest average at 3.6, followed by Singaporean mothers at 3.4.


Filipino moms also tend to check fewer product reviews before making a choice, at 7.5 reviews on average, only surpassing Indonesian moms (7.2). Moms from Malaysia (8.5), Singapore (7.9), and Thailand (7.7) go through more reviews.


The survey had 3,104 respondents, 518 of which were from the Philippines. Of the Filipino moms who participated, 42 percent resided in Metro Manila.

The study also had other interesting tidbits about Filipino mothers. An Android smartphone (specifically from the Samsung brand) is the topmost choice for the majority of Pinoy moms, Globe is their preferred service provider, and they spend close to 5 hours every day on social media apps.

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