Though physical stores are seeing more customers again as global health crisis restrictions are eased, a study commissioned by Meta Philippines has found that Filipino consumers have shifted their shopping habits towards online purchases.

In December 2021, market research firm YouGov conducted the “Meta Seasonal Holidays Study” for Meta, with 1,553 Filipino participants of ages 18 and above.

Here are the key takeaways:

  • When asked how they do their holiday shopping research and given multi-select responses, 88 percent of respondents selected “Net: smartphone/tablet/computer.” Only 45 respondents selected “in-store” as their response.
  • As to how they would actually purchase during the holidays, 79 percent of respondents selected using the smartphone/tablet/computer among the multi-select responses, although 67 percent of respondents also selected in-store shopping.
  • At 44 percent, many respondents spent more on holiday shopping in 2021 than the previous year. Only 26 percent responded that they spent less.
  • Filipino consumers plan their online shopping in anticipation of mega-sale events.
  • Filipino consumers also go online for cross-border shopping, mainly for products in these three categories: apparel/fashion, electronics, and health and beauty.

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