Here at NoypiGeeks, we are no strangers when it comes to the latest happenings involving tech. Looking back, we have covered some of the most intriguing topics in recent days that truly caught everyone’s attention. As a recap, we are going through them as an overview based on this week’s top picks.

267 million Facebook users data leaked and sold in the dark web

The selling of consumer information for profit is nothing new in the business industry, despite being hidden from public attention. However, millions of sensitive user information have been stolen and sold for a mere ~Php28,000 in the dark web. It only shows how some people make money out of other people’s expense without their awareness or consent.


19-year old IT student electronically stealing money for years

Another case of cybercrime in the list is the case of Justin Claveria, a 19-year old IT student, who was recently caught after having been suspected and confirmed for committing theft via phishing. 


League of Legends: Wild Rift latest details

With a slated release for mobile, League of Legends Wild Rift is a highly-anticipated adaptation of the popular MOBA title. Being in the know of things, we covered the latest juices about the game, particularly the changes and what to expect in its current state.


NASA to conduct an experiment on space by colliding a spacecraft to an asteroid

In an unprecedented approach of establishing a form of “space defense mechanism,” NASA is planning to collide an unmanned spacecraft to an asteroid in an orbit. 

Photo by NASA & Johns Hopkins

Xiaomi retail employees get extended cash aid

Amidst an ongoing pandemic that saw their retail employees temporarily out of work, Xiaomi is continuing to extend its generosity to the affected personnel in the amount of Php3,000. 


List of Xiaomi devices to receive the official MIUI 12 update

In light of the up and coming rollout of Xiaomi’s latest version of MIUI, the company has made an official announcement listing all of the devices that are bound for an upgrade soon. 

So, there you have it—our top stories of the week, recapped for your viewing pleasure.

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