Amidst the imposed extended enhanced community quarantine as induced by the COVID-19 pandemic, Xiaomi Philippines Country Manager Mark Li officially announced the company’s willingness to continue giving cash aid to its retail store employees.

The pronouncement comes in a form of a formal letter as posted in Li’s official Facebook page

In an introduction that highlights the company’s concern and optimism, the letter opened up with a cognition of the ongoing pandemic and the insight of its limitations.

Although the said cash aid may not be much, the letter openly disclosed a continued giving of Php3,000 to each of their employees in the aforementioned sector of the business.


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The goal of the cash aid, after all, is merely to alleviate the impact of the pandemic to their affected employees.

Xiaomi’s generosity as a company is not just limited to their retail employees, however. 

Just a few months ago, the popular Chinese company has seen an active role in providing needed medical equipment to the badly affected Wuhan costing a total of CNY 300,000 (PHP 2M) in monetary value.

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