Almost 3 years ago, GMA and Toei brought us the very first teaser for the Philippine-produced live-action series of the classic anime Voltes V. Now, the network has announced that it will be ready for prime time in 2023.

Released on Christmas day, the new trailer shows off an incredibly detailed body of Voltes V and its cast. Check it out below.

If you take a closer look at the blue-plated chest of Voltes V, details are remarkable. Could those be welding marks on the breastplate? What about the bits of paint that appear to be chipping off his forearms?


The new Voltes V: Legacy trailer also includes the iconic sequence when Steve, Mark, Jamie, Little Jon, and Big Bert combines their machines before transforming into Voltes V. Here are the lead cast.

  • Miguel Tanfelix — Steve Armstrong
  • Ysabel Ortega — Jamie Robinson
  • Radson Flores — Mark Gordon
  • Raphael Landicho — “Little Jon” Armstrong
  • Matt Lozano — Robert “Big Bert” Armstrong

GMA is yet to reveal the official release date of the Voltes V: Legacy, but it noted that it’s launching in 2023.

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