While we’re still waiting to see breakthroughs in mobile battery tech, the industry is making advancements in charging speeds. This latest one will make such delivery of speeds from the power adapter to the device itself more powerful. Check out the 240W USB Type-C cables.

Called the USB Type-C 2.1, these cables can transfer a whopping 240W of power and up to 40Gbps of data.

These cables came from Dutch company Club3D, which is yet to make the product available to the market. It doesn’t matter, though, since there aren’t any smartphones, laptops, any device, or even any power adapters yet that can actually support it.

Still, it’s nice to see that such technology already exists.

However, just like previous USB standards, it looks like makers still have the liberty to choose what capabilities a USB-C 2.1 cable will have.



This means that not all USB-C 2.1 cables have the same features. In the Club3D case, they are offering a 1-meter cable that has all of it: 250W power delivery, 40Gbps data transfer, and 8K@60fps video.

However, there’s also a 2-meter cable with half the data speeds and a third one that’s only for 480Mbps of data.


Albeit, this will be good for people with different budgets. Plus, the cables will be marked clearly to ensure you know the limitations of the cable you’re using.


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